Jürgen Hubert (jhubert) wrote in gentlereaders,
Jürgen Hubert

Sixth Book

Book(s) I am currently reading
Old World Bestiary
Talislanta 4e

Book I have recently finished reading
"Collapse - How Societies choose to succeed or fail" (Jared Diamond)

Lessons learned
Things are bad, but not hopeless.

I enjoyed Jared Diamond's "Guns, Germs, and Steel", and I wasn't disappointed by his latest work. It examines a number of civilizations, both past and present, that have collapsed thanks to bad ecological management (and examines just why the ecological resources were managed badly). But it also mentions societies that didn't collapse, and shows encouraging trends (including in the corporate world) that exist today.

Recommended for anyone with interest in ecological issues (Iceland gets mentioned, too... ;) ).

Books read and reviewed

01. GURPS Fantasy (SJGames)
02. Orphaned Races: Ascorbites & Hironem (Fading Suns, HDI)
03. Exalted: The Fair Folk (White Wolf)
04. GURPS Fantasy: Harkwood
05. Lord Erbian's Stellar Bestiary (Fading Suns, HDI)
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