Jürgen Hubert (jhubert) wrote in gentlereaders,
Jürgen Hubert

Twelth Book

Book(s) I am currently reading
Exalted: The Autocthonians
Talislanta 4e

Book I have recently finished reading
Old World Bestiary (for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying)

Lessons learned
How to do a bestiary even more right.

This is easily the second best "monster manual" I have ever read (the best being, of course, "Malleus Monstrorum", the German version of Call of Cthulhu's "Creature Companion" - a book that is so good that Ken Hite reccomends buying it even if you can't read German). The in-character manuscripts and quotes that form the bulk of the material give a good idea how the people of the Warhammer World view those creatures, and the game stats, which come in a seperate chapter, are coming with WFRP's own version of the d20 "Challenge Rating" - a "Slaughter Margin" that tells you how an experienced Imperial soldier (whose stats are provided) will fare against it.

The only downside is that the book focuses too much on creatures that tend to march with armies (i.e., for which Warhammer miniatures already exist), and not enough on individual monsters small groups of adventurers might encounter. I mean, where the hell is the Jabberwock? Still, the basic concept of the book is sound - something I might want to steal for Urbis if I ever get to write a "Monster Manual" for it...

Books read and reviewed

01. GURPS Fantasy (SJGames)
02. Orphaned Races: Ascorbites & Hironem (Fading Suns, HDI)
03. Exalted: The Fair Folk (White Wolf)
04. GURPS Fantasy: Harkwood
05. Lord Erbian's Stellar Bestiary (Fading Suns, HDI)
06. Collapse (Jared Diamond)
07. City of Towers (Eberron novel, Keith Baker)
08. Sharn: City of Towers (Eberron sourcebook)
09. Dagon and other Macabre Tales (H.P. Lovecraft Ombibus Collection II)
10. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
11. GURPS Infinite Worlds
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