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Fifty Book Challenge - Part 27

The League of Extraordinary Gentlereaders has declared that 2005 will be the year we will read at least 50 books for the betterment of ourselves, and the people surounding us.

Each time I finish a book I will note it here, with a little description, my opinion and the lessons I drew from it, which I can use for the betterment of myself and world around me.

Book(s) I am currently reading
- Zen, and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, by Robert M. Pirsig
- The Artemis Fowl Files, by Eion Colfer
- GURPS Magic, by Steve Jackson Games
- GURPS Infinite Worlds, by Steve Jackson Games
- Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying Game, by Black Industries

Book(s) I have recently finished reading
The Opal Deception, by Eion Colfer

Lessons learned
The best laid plans of Pixie and man..........

Opal is a pixie, who is confined to a mental institution.
Or is she?

A very nice addition to the Artemis Fowl series.

01. Dr. Ernest Drake's Dragonology, by Dugald A. Steer (Dutch)
02. Shadowheart, by James Barclay
03. Demonstorm, by James Barclay
04. Utopia, by Lincoln Child
05. Agatha Heterodyne and the Airship City,by Phil & Kaja Foglio
06. The Dragon Never Sleeps, by Glen Cook
07. Newton's Wake, by Ken Macleod
08. GURPS Fantasy, by William Stoddard for SJGames
09. New Spring, by Robert Jordan
10. Pattern Recognition, by William Gibson
11. Cartomany, by Mary Gentle
12. Ministry of Space graphic novel, by Ellis, Weston & Martin
13. Crash Priority, by Mongoose for Paranoia XP
14. Innocents Aboard, by Gene Wolfe.
15. 1610, A Sundial in a Grave, by Mary Gentle
16. Mothership, by John Broshnan
17. The Fire-Maker's Daughter, by Philip Pullman
18. De Draak van de Donken, Adriaan Heinen publishers
19. Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, by Susan Clarke
20. Just a Geek, by Will Wheaton
21. Howl's Moving Castle, Diana Wynne Jones
22. Castle in the Air, by Diana Wynne Jones
23. Ringworld's Children, by Larry Niven
24. A Hat Full of Sky, by Terry Pratchett
25. The Chronicles of Chrestomanci, vol I, by Diana Wynne Jones
26. The Chronicles of Chrestomanci, vol 2, by Diana Wynne Jones
27. The Opal Deception, by Eion Colfer

I started reading on: 01-01-2005.
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